3 Wrigleyville “Classics” that get Chicago excited for Baseball

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Spring Training. To most, this time of year may not seem like much - your city's baseball team is probably playing somewhere warm while you sit on your couch and watch (with jealousy).

For Chicago Cubs fans however, when the last few days of February roll around each year, the city comes back to life. Clark Street bars dust off their favorite game day specials, TV’s are set to the popular, local sports stations, and our winning team brings the buzz back.

And even though Wrigley Field may still seem like a never ending construction project, there are a few Wrigleyville favorites that aren’t going anywhere. Our mission? Amongst the few first days of spring training games, visit some of the businesses, shops and bars that keep the heart and soul flowing throughout the neighborhood. With all the changes happening on some of the city’s most popular streets, local Chicagoans find comfort in knowing their favorites are here to stay.

First stop on our list can be found just steps from the Addison Red Line stop and is a favorite of many of our own Spaces agents: the Wrigleyville Starbucks. Now, you may be thinking “hasn’t this Starbucks location only been open for two years? How is it considered a gem when it is new(er) too?”

Yes, the Starbucks itself has only been in business for two years, but the location, just steps from Wrigley Field, has been around forever. It’s an IDEAL spot on Sheffield Ave for people to hang out before during or after a Cubs game, but businesses just couldn’t seem to keep up. That is, until the coffee came around.

From the not-so-subtle Cubs decor to the longest coffee bar I have ever seen to the unique, large open floor plan, this Starbucks fits the bill for a perfect Wrigleyville hang out. The baseball-themed space has continued to stay busy and full of Chicago spirit throughout the construction happening right outside the doors and that my friends is why it is a true north side gem.

Now, I know what you are thinking: where does a Starbucks get all of the Cubs memorabilia hanging around? Right next door, of course! Wrigleyville Sports happens to neighbor the coffee house and is also second up on our list. This corner hotspot has been around for almost 30 years and is the definition of a “classic” that continues to serve the fans regardless of the changing landscape.

Whether it’s a rainy night game in April or a steamy, 80 degree game day in July, this corner store is packed with Cubs fans from all over looking for their first jersey, fifth cubs hat or maybe even a themed poncho. When you are inside, you immediately notice that they offer a wide variety of products, making sure to appeal to all types of Cubs fans. With massive trucks, piles of gravel and lots of construction traffic, this shop still stands tall and caters to loyal fans and THAT is why we love it so much.

The last stop of the day is undoubtedly top dog when it comes to a neighborhood gem, and they know it. Sluggers, located on Clark Street, is a bar mixed with an old school batting cage and arcade giving cubs fans and city-goers alike (over 21 of course) the opportunity to enjoy some old school fun. From skee-ball to whack-a-mole the second floor of the popular bar is an attraction you don’t see much anymore.

Sluggers has also had their fair share of celebrity visits with pictures hung ALL over to remind, well, everyone who has stepped inside their doors. A true “classic,” Sluggers isn’t going anywhere…seriously, I think there would be an all-out riot if it was torn down….

And that’s that. Three amazing locations that locals love, Cubs fans crowd and Chicago is keeping (hopefully) forever.

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