5 Downtown “Hidden Gems” That Guarantee A Great Night Over and Over Again

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So you just moved in to your new downtown Chicago apartment…now what? Whether you are new to the city, lived here for months or even years, navigating your way around the different Chicago neighborhoods can be tricky and confusing. Things like finding restaurants to dine in, grocery stores to shop or weekend activities to partake in are just some of the activities that slip your mind during a busy move.

Well, worry no longer because we are here to help! One of the many perks from working at a real estate agency is that you get to know the city like the back of your hand. So, here are some of the best places to start right from the mouths of our expert agents and staff:


1. Game Room at Chicago Athletic Association: Located on the famous Michigan Ave, Game Room offers guests a casual bar and restaurant mixed with a variety of competitive games to create the ultimate nightlife experience.

Why it’s a good place for a downtown newbie? Well the games, of course! This is a great way have casual conversation with fellow Game Room guests about the city. For more info, go to www.lsdatcaa.com/game-room-chicago

2. Sweetwater Tavern & Grille: Now this place is definitely a popular pick. Between the delicious food, impressive happy hour specials and energetic atmosphere, this is the perfect place to enjoy a few hours in your new city. On a weekday, there is a mix of colleagues out for lunch, tourists catching a nice bite to eat and sports fans crowding the bar, enjoying their game(s).

Why it’s a good place for a downtown newbie? We believe the environment is a perfect place to feel like you are mixing in with fellow Chicagoans. Also, did we mention the food is fantastic? Plus, in the summer they offer major patio and outdoor seating which means you can soak up the sun Chicago-style.

3. Basically anywhere on Green Street: This one is for all of our West Loop fans that work here. Being new to the downtown parts of Chicago, there are probably a few street names you recognize…but this is not one of them. Nestled between “Restaurant Row” and Greektown, the handful of restaurants and bars located on Green Street will wow anyone. From champagne bars to pulled pork sandwich joins to classy, upscale dining you will truly find it all here.

Why it’s a good place for a downtown newbie? There is something for everyone here. Are you entertaining your friends for the first time? Bring them here. Parents are in town? There’s a spot for that. It’s a foolproof location that will make you look like you’ve got this downtown thing in the bag.

4. Roof on theWit: Located on the 27th floor of theWit Hotel you will find a beautiful rooftop bar and lounge that has views and cocktails like no other. Now you may be thinking, “What if I move downtown in the winter months?” Well, that is where Roof on theWit comes in: it is also a winter bar. They provide fire pits and cozy cocktails to cozy up to all while looking over the same skyline. Pretty cool, right?

Why it’s a good place for a downtown newbie? It’s fancy and special! You will get your (possibly) first looks at the entire Chicago skyline from a whole new perspective and you will officially fall in love with downtown.


5. Ceres Cafe: This is the place for anyone who is down to have a very good time. If you are local, you know that Ceres is known for its extremely stiff and strong cocktails. Have one drink and you will be set for the rest of the night! Oh, and the atmosphere is great too.

Why it’s a good place for a downtown newbie? An easy go-to “café” that allows you to drink, feel safe and you never have to leave your seat. Oh, and you get your bang for your buck.

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