5 Foolproof Ways to Spruce Up Your Dull Apartment

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From money saving tips from the minds of seasoned agents themselves to easy design ideas we have picked up over the years, Spaces is here to make sure you find a forever “home” inside of your Chicago rental.

Brighten up the very plain, white walls often found in rental spaces with vibrant-colored plants and accessories.

Doing this makes designing look easy. Your first option is walking to a local home goods store and buying an inexpensive fake plant that looks great on any side table or TV stand. Or, if you are a plant wizard and have lots of natural light, you can always buy real ones to grow inside! For example, succulents are all the rage and thankfully Chicago has amazing stores like Southport Blooms who have a beautiful variety for a great price.


Classic city apartments tend to seriously lack on the side of creativity when it comes to the layout. That is why purchasing a drink or coffee bar adds a unique spin on an otherwise open floor plan.

These easy and apartment-friendly bar designs can be created on a sleek standing table or moving cart. They especially come in handy when counter space is limited. I have seen plenty of unique tables when browsing the isles at Target or Marshalls, so if your budget is low (or high!), you are in luck!


Rugs, rugs and more rugs!

If your new apartment has wood floors, then this tip is for you! It is also pretty self-explanatory: Rugs add major dimension to any room, especially if it is small or has an odd shape to it. If you are really bold, try a statement rug with a pop of color!

The real question is: how do you afford that amazing kitchen wine rack staring at you through the window of your favorite high-end furniture store? Our tip? Run away and into the arms of your local thrift store.

DIY projects are easy and fun to do for apartments, especially if you have a roommate or friend nearby. Visit your local thrift store like Brown Elephant or hop garage sales to find beautiful decorations all while saving some serious cash. Then clean them up, give them a fresh coat of paint or add your own personal style and BOOM! You have decorated your kitchen AND bought yourself a pizza to celebrate.


Lastly, try to think long term when it comes to the big, pricy furniture items.

There will come a time when you need to buy a couch, a tab and all of the other dreaded furniture that is sitting on your to-do list. Make sure this furniture can fit in and out of the doors, can be used for multiple years and is extremely versatile. Often times you can find unique pieces at local stores like Wrightwood Furniture Co. or you can shop sales during the holidays, so start saving up and doing your research!

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