5 Social Media Platforms Agents Should Be Using

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5 Social Media Platforms Agents Should Be Using

You hear it all the time: the days of sitting in the office, waiting by the phone for a call from the phonebook or aiding a walk-in are gone all thanks to a little thing we like to call the internet. Yes, the capabilities we have on the Internet have changed the business, however the industry still has some major catching up to do and it starts with social media. The small handful of agents and their agencies that have caught on are making major bucks on the sheer fact that they have gone outside the box to market themselves. They use platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many others to showcase properties and the unique qualities of the neighborhoods they are located in. THIS COULD BE YOU. Trust us, social media may seem scary, but take off the mask and see that it is welcoming and enjoyable. So without further adieu, here are 5 major social media sites that you should be using to help you grow your real estate business:


See the apartment, property or surrounding streets in a whole new and unique perspective.

Easily sharable via email, text, etc. So if a client is asking for more info on a specific space, you can send a video with the specs attached to really wow them.

It adds to the agency’s image! It portrays that your business is tech-savvy, ahead of the curve AND truly there for your potential customers. You come across as knowledgeable in your industry and therefore, trustworthy.

**For examples on how to start your YouTube page, head over to the Spaces Real Estate account! (add link)


SHOW OFF. Instagram is a great way to brag without actually saying anything. Instead you are telling a story with a picture. Have a few units in Lincoln Park for rent? Showcase the neighborhood with lifestyle shots or post a picture of a restaurant right around the corner. Doing this is a great way to “sell” your spaces without coming off as cheesy or even pushy.

It also can be a great way to promote yourself as an agent or agency. Are you volunteering for the Humane Society? Or maybe you just closed! Whatever the case it’s a way to grow your personal following and show that you are a leader in your industry.

Spaces is all about showing off the lifestyle of our business. Take a peak at how we do it on Instagram @spacesrealestate



Out of all the social media platforms I would say that Snapchat is the newest to enter the real estate scene. With the app’s newest updates, it allows for companies to show ads and interact with the user base and create filters and geo-tags that are also unique to the company.

Most of snapchat’s users would be considered in the “Millennial” age group, which is the perfect target for agencies. You can post an update when you are at your open house or at a local coffee shop that’s just down the street from a new unit. It is instantaneous and takes little to no effort at all.


Oh Facebook. The original social media account that started it all for the industry. If you don’t have a business account or company page, you are doing it wrong. Facebook is a foolproof way of staying connected with current, past and potential clients as well as landlords and co-workers.

Facebook has proven to be a safe space to brag about your company without it coming off as pompous. SpacesRE loves our Facebook page. From industry-related articles to our awesome photographs, our feed is always looking nice. Check it out and then jump on the site yourself! https://www.facebook.com/spacesre/


Last but not least, there is Pinterest. If you haven’t heard, Pinterest is the end all of crafty DIY, picture-heavy pages that are easily sharable from your feed. You can share other content put there by the people (agents) follow or you can upload your own. It’s really that easy. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our own: https://www.pinterest.com/spacesre/.

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