Adventuring Through Chicago’s Uptown with Our Director of Sales

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Rich in history and full of community, Chicago's eclectic Uptown area was our team's destination for the next big neighborhood exploration, and boy did we learn A LOT about this north side neighborhood...

To say our day spent in Uptown was different than our time in West Loop is an understatement – these two parts of the city could not be more opposite. However, they have opposing qualities that both seem to attract the same kinds of people: passionate Chicagoans reaching for a sense of camaraderie and community. Enter Spaces Real Estate’s Director of Sales, Ryan Storck.

Ryan Storck has been with Spaces for three years, but has lived in the city for over eleven, making him a seasoned Chicago expert. He has lived in neighborhoods like Little Italy, Noble Square, Lakeview and Ravenswood but, in his opinion, none compare to Uptown.


As we begun our day on Lawrence Ave, he described the adventure he had planned for us and why, highlighting food spots, lakefront parks and some of his favorite streets. This sparked curiosity, so I asked why he was taking the team to said locations; he answered with a swift smile, saying “because, if a stranger asked, I would describe the combination of these activities to be the perfect day in Uptown.”

We walked the few blocks from his vintage, spacious condo to Lake Michigan, passing by paved bike paths, huge dog parks and plenty of green grass to go around. He strongly believes that Uptown’s lake access could win over anyone’s heart, but runners especially. The ability to work out, picnic for a cheap date night or walk your pup mere blocks away is what really solidified him buying a condo in the neighborhood. If you choose to live here, you can make the lake part of your everyday routine, without paying the big bucks for a swanky, high rise apartment in places like the Gold Coast.

We spent a considerable amount of time walking the lake and the handful of streets that surround the area. This is where we learned more about the culture and history of Uptown. From famous newspaper writers, like Louis “Studs” Terkel ( Chicago actor, writer and broadcaster) , to the new developments and businesses coming to Sheridan Road, Storck had knowledge about it all. When it came to the demographics of the area, he described the perfect person for a neighborhood like this one would be very community based with a budget in mind. They would also most likely be in their mid 30’s, laid back but passionate about their city. However, deep down he truly believes Uptown can be a place for everyone.

Our stomachs rumbled as we continued the conversation. He suggested Argyle Street, known for its delicious food and vibrant atmosphere. We settled on a brunch restaurant called Tweet. As we sat at a table towards the back, our eyes scanned the very large menus. The average Chicagoan might not think of Uptown as a “must-see” location for food, and alas, they would be missing out.

As we chowed down on our meals, we discussed Uptown in depth. I asked him what his advice would be to a young couple who just made the move to this area. His answer? “Do it all. Walk the lake as long as you can, try every restaurant small or large on Argyle, take a stroll down Broadway and Clark Street.” But the points he seemed to push the most were becoming part of this tight knit community. Whether it be joining your block club or finding

a few running buddies on the lakefront, do something that immerses you into the Uptown culture.

We finished our meals, shared some last minute Chicago banter and then left the brunch spot to take a nice stroll down Argyle Street to hop on a train at the red line stop at the end of the block. Here is where I learned that 2018 will be a big year for Uptown, from cleaning up some of the run down areas to new developments at various CTA stations and more.

The train arrived after about six minutes of marveling at the unique train station and the views that came with it. The three of us stepped onto the train filled with Cubs fans headed for a home game at Wrigley Field. As I found a spot between a few older fans, Ryan Storck leaned in and said “Uptown: your cozy home just a handful of stops away from just about anything the city has to offer,” and right then I knew how I was going to sum up the neighborhood..cozy, community based people who love their city from the comfort of their spacious condos along the lake.


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