Fieldtrip to Boystown with Edward Terres

An eclectic blend of food, flavors and fashion are in store for you when you take a quick, mini trip to a neighborhood that even an agent from a small town in Wisconsin can appreciate: Boystown.


3 Wrigleyville “Classics” that get Chicago excited for Baseball

Spring Training. To most, this time of year may not seem like much - your city's baseball team is probably playing somewhere warm while you sit on your couch and watch (with jealousy).


Take a Stroll on Southport with Amanda

A mini neighborhood hidden amongst the tree-lined streets of Lakeview, Southport Corridor is a true Chicago hidden gem ready to share it's wealth with the world.


Adventuring Through Chicago’s Uptown with Our Director of Sales

Rich in history and full of community, Chicago's eclectic Uptown area was our team's destination for the next big neighborhood exploration, and boy did we learn A LOT about this north side neighborhood...


Five Often Forgotten Tips From a First-Time Renter

There are hundreds of reasons why young people in their 20's decide its time to "leave the nest," move out and rent their first ever apartment in a big city.


The Top 7 Simple Fixes to Get Your Apartment Rented

Whether you have been in the real estate industry for seven months or seven years, you have probably learned that the expectations for apartments today are a lot more intricate and detailed than they used to be.

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5 Downtown “Hidden Gems” That Guarantee A Great Night Over and Over Again

So you just moved in to your new downtown Chicago apartment…now what? Whether you are new to the city, lived here for months or even years, navigating your way around the different Chicago neighborhoods can be tricky and confusing.


Chicago in the Winter: How to Enjoy the City at its Most Freezing Temps

Summer in Chicago is great: endless restaurants with beautiful open-air seating, patios filled with twinkling lights and great music, movies in Millennium park, the list could go on. However, what many don’t realize is that the winter can be just as enjoyable if you know what you are doing. That is why we are here to help! Here are five fun, cheap (for the most part) and unique activities to do in those frigid winter months.


Your January Checklist: How to keep your apartment going through the harsh mid-west winter

It’s the end of December, you come home from a long day at work, open your door, take off your boots and set down your bags. You go to take off your jacket and hang it in the closet when you get chills all over. You realize that it is freezing in your apartment. You run over to your thermostat and realize everything looks fine, so what could it be?