Fieldtrip to Boystown with Edward Terres

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An eclectic blend of food, flavors and fashion are in store for you when you take a quick, mini trip to a neighborhood that even an agent from a small town in Wisconsin can appreciate: Boystown.

When you think of the neighborhoods in Chicago, “small town” is not a word often used to describe them. That is, until I sat down with Edward Terres, a Spaces agent who has one of the most unique stories I’ve ever encountered. After completing college in 2016, he moved to Hawaii and immediately went into real estate.

Now, I know what you are thinking: why would anyone want to move from a magical place like Hawaii? Surprisingly, it a lot to do with real estate. As we walked from our office to the first place on the list, Edward explained how the market in Hawaii is built around cold calling, and that got old fast. Once he found Spaces and made the big transition to the Windy City, he fell in love with the city and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“So, why Boystown?” I ask as we find a spot to sit in our first stop: Stan’s Donuts. We find a nice spot by the window and he begins to tell me how the food drew him to the area. Besides the massive glazed donuts and homemade bagel selection at Stan’s, the udon served at Diva Thai and Sushi reminded him of the udon from Hawaii. The mini neighborhood was also one of the first areas he really explored as an official “Chicagoan,” so it holds close to his heart.

As we finish our coffee and donut fix, we pack up and take a short stroll to the next area on the list: Wendt Park. Edward talks about how Boystown is the perfect place to rent Divvy bikes and ride around to parks like Wendt. It was one of the activities he did to learn the neighborhood and the surrounding areas better. He loves this park in particular because it’s not super popular, so it’s a great spot to read, catch up on work or just enjoy the fresh air. An “off the beaten path” spot reminds him of home, and is yet another reason why he and his girlfriend have settled in so well in Boystown.

Our last stop of the day was to no other than The Chicago Diner, because of course you have to include delicious food when visiting Boystown. The first time that Eddy dined here, he had no idea it was entirely vegan until he was half-way through his reuben sandwich! He loves both the exterior and interior because it gives off that classic diner vibe but the food gives it that Boystown spin. We snacked on fries and vegan sandwiches as we finished up the day.

Between living close to Wrigley Field, amazing places to spend your time on every block (especially halsted!) and possessing a close-knit small town vibe, Boystown really has it all. The next time you are strolling by, make sure to check out some of Edward’s favorite spots, or venture to new ones! It really does have something for everyone here.

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