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There are the ones in life who know exactly what they want to be when they grow up, and then there are the handful of people who stumble upon their passions down the road. To my surprise, Chris Brown, Spaces Real Estate’s photographer, videographer and expert in all things cool was one of those people.


Originally, his dream was to attend a small college in New York, wanting to become a theoretical physicist. However, realizing the amount of difficult mathematical skills needed for the job, he ended up in Chicago studying film and photography at Columbia College. As I mentioned before, this surprises me. If you were to name off the qualities that make up a talented photographer, he would have them all. Unique, genuine and a great eye for detail (to name a few), just begin to scrape the surface. Let’s just say he takes a group of awkward, loud and sometimes unruly group of agents and turns them into professional, good-looking human beings in front of a camera. That is skill, my friends.


When applying for jobs, he said that Spaces Real Estate stood out from the rest. In asking him why he sort of laughed and said “I knew I could be a great asset…is that okay to say? I don’t mean it in a bad way, I mean it as they looked like a company I could vibe with. I am passionate about content creation and branding, so when I stumbled upon Spaces and learned about their future endeavors I just got excited. That’s how I knew it would be a great fit.”


He then went on to talk about content creation for another five minutes, walking me through the steps of his processes and how the job title “Art Director” is something he strives for. The topics bounce around for a bit until I decided to ask him what his favorite picture that he has taken for SpacesRE is. Always quick to answer he talks about doors.







When he travels around the city, gathering lifestyle pictures for the company’s portfolio, he will always make sure to snap some of Chicago’s best entrances. Of course, I don’t understand why so I ask what is with the doors. To this he says, “Chicago is such an eclectic city…the contrast of the new verses old buildings all mixed in on the same street in the same neighborhood just blows my mind. So I enjoy capturing the architecture and the doors that stand out amongst it all.”


I shortly learned that it’s all about documenting the little things and finding the personality in each of his projects at the agency. This leads me to start thinking about his future, and where he thinks it could go. So I end our conversation by asking him about his biggest accomplishment or take away from his job thus far…as if he was sharing the experience after he eventually moved on from the company. Again, art direction gets brought up. He thinks for a few more seconds before beginning again and says “I want to become so knowledgeable in the company brand that I don’t have to come in and ask for direction, I just know the direction and run with what I believe is best. I want to head a project and be completely comfortable with the entire creative process. And that’s it.”



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