Your January Checklist: How to keep your apartment going through the harsh mid-west winter

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It’s the end of December, you come home from a long day at work, open your door, take off your boots and set down your bags. You go to take off your jacket and hang it in the closet when you get chills all over. You realize that it is freezing in your apartment. You run over to your thermostat and realize everything looks fine, so what could it be?

Only after calling your landlord, two handymen and your neighbor do you realize all of the things you DIDN’T do to winterize your apartment. So here are some certified tips that we have gathered over the years to make the ultimate January Checklist for your apartment because it’s time to say goodbye to drafty windows, frozen pipes and failing thermostats.

Stop that horrible draft in its tracks. Whether it’s your balcony door, bedroom windows or the pesky in-and-out traffic in your hallway, the bone-chilling draft will find you. So before the coldest months hit, go to your local hardware store and purchase weather strips (or big foam strips) along the edges of every door in your apartment. So the next time your neighbors walk down the hallway and open the front door at 2 AM, you won’t feel a second of cold air.



Insulate, insulate, insulate! I bet any landlord will tell you that your windows, no matter how new, will need to be insulated during the winter season. Here you have a few options: if you know someone who can caulk correctly, fill in the holes and cracks of your windows with a caulking gun. If you are clueless (that’s okay most of us are) then you can take another trip to that hardware store and purchase a DIY insulation kit. We promise you, insulating those windows will work wonders on your cold, well, everything.

Spend the extra cash on a quality thermostat. Whether it’s the Nest, Honeywell or any other wi-fi/Bluetooth compatible thermostat, we say spend the money! To be able to pre-program your heat around your schedule guarantees a warm home when you arrive, never having to “turn the heat up” as you get in. It also saves you some major cash in the long run because you can program it to run less during the day. Energy efficient and dependable…what more could you want?

We also have some trusted tips that our agents and staff have learned at their own rentals over the years. First, make sure that the correct vents are open in each room. The tenant before you could have ran hot and therefore closed the vents in the bedroom. Inspect all of the rooms as the temps drop. Also, it may seem simple, but make sure to minimize the in and out of your front door. Before you run in to your apartment, grab all of your essentials in one trip (if you can) so that the outside air is only let in once or twice. Lastly, if you are still hiding under three heated blankets sipping on scorching hot chocolate, talk to your neighbors or landlord to see if they can help.

We promise that winter can be bearable with these tips, so stay warm, insulate and set that heat up!

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