Chicago’s quiet, cozy and historic escape

The Location

Buena Park is very much it’s own unique micro-neighborhood…but that’s exactly what residents like about it.

The tree-lined streets are much quieter and hold a lot less traffic than well-known areas like Lakeview or Lincoln Park, but one can still get to those places in a matter of minutes. Although only one train stop is located within the mile or so area that is Buena Park, there are more than five bus stops very accessible to the various types of residents that live there.

The Neighbors 01

In this north side nook, you will find neighbors and residents who care – care about community, about Chicago and about keeping this neighborhood great!

What You’ll Find 02

Buena Park is rich in architecture and culture – from mansions to parks to even old cemeteries; this area holds old Chicago near and dear. This is definitely the place for the Chicagoan who loves to feel like they may be living in history…all while walking with a coffee and bagel in hand.

What You Should Know 03

There are some MAJOR hot spots when it comes to everyone’s favorite pastime: food! From cozy breakfast cafes to laid-back bars and taverns, Buena Park holds its own with places to go all week long!

Why You'll Fall In Love With Buena Park 05

If you want the suburban living but Chicago nightlife, you have met your match here. You get all of the community aspects at home, while the energetic nightlife is mere blocks away. The best of both worlds comes with finding your dream home in Buena Park.