Your Little Spot by the Lake

Edgewater, so goes the name, sits right on the lakeshore, providing its residents with a picturesque spot by Lake Michigan.

But Edgewater is about more than the great views: It’s a highly diverse neighborhood perfectly situated right alone the CTA Red Line, surrounded by classic Chicago brownstones, vintage stores and affordable, spacious living spaces in a quiet, family-friendly community.

The Location

Edgewater runs along the Red Line L stop Berwyn and then all the way up to a little north of Granville, with an East/West boundary from Ravenswood to the lake.

Its location sits right in the middle of Chicago’s north side, and most apartments in the area are a short walking distance from the nearby CTA Red Line stops which will run residents to many of Chicago’s most notable sites. These include Wrigley Field, Northwesters, the Magnificent Mile and the Loop.

The Neighbors 01

Edgewater is a highly diverse community that's home to many young, professional singles living on a budget.

The majority of residents fall between the ages of 20 and 34 and make less than $50,000, leading to a demand for fun but affordable options throughout the area.

What You'll Find 02

Edgewater's unique flavor features an amazing array of ethnic restaurants, historic churches and vintage stores up and down the major streets of the neighborhood.

Plus, Edgewater puts its location by the lake to good use with plenty of walking space by the water where you can unwind with some of the most picturesque views in the city.

What You Should Know 03

Though Chicago has a large number of small, storefront theater companies throughout the city, Edgewater is home to an unusually large number of them.

Among the most highly regarded of these include Raven Theatre, City Lit Theater Company, Jackalope Theatre Company and more! These shows tend to be cheaper than the more expensive, downtown options, but don’t think that means they’re somehow of lesser quality. Over the past few years, many of these smaller theater companies have their work and artists transferred to larger stages here in Chicago, demonstrating that the work done in Chicago’s storefront scene is just as strong as the rest of the city’s.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Edgewater 05

In Edgewater, there's always something to discover.

From vintage stores to the plethora of outdoor space, to local favorites like Lickity Split Custard and Moody’s Pub, to the delicious Revival Social Club (with some of the best “monkey bread” you’ll find in the city), you’re bound to find your special spot in this unique and eclectic neighborhood.