Fulton River District

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Chicago’s Industrial Past, Meets the Future

One of Chicago’s newest hot spots is an homage to its past, and can be found in the Fulton River District just west of the downtown Loop area.

The old industrial area has been built into a modern playground for those looking to invest in something new, in an area that has experienced a 14,200% population increase (you read that right) since 2000.

The Location

Sitting just west of the Loop, Fulton River’s East/West boundaries run from the river to the I-90, and North/South from Lake St to Ohio.

Fulton River District sits at the newest L station for the Green and Pink lines near the intersection of Morgan and Lake, which will take residents right over to the United Center, and is just a short ride away the downtown Loop area. It’s also a short walk away from the Grand Blue Line station and the near west side.

The Neighbors 01

Most Fulton District residents are in their low thirties and well over half report working in a professional field. But despite an average income of over $100,000, 45% of the area is still rented.


What does all this mean? Expect to find a population of residents with high levels of discretionary income ready to spend and invest in an area on the rise.

What You'll Find 02

Fulton River’s exterior may be an homage to Chicago’s past, but the unique entertainment, leisure, and retail scene in Fulton River is all about looking towards the high-end excitements of the future.

Though its population boom has only really occurred for a little over a decade, its already cemented itself as a hotbed of culture and cuisine.

Get ready to experience amazing restaurants like Girl and the Goat, Vera, Au Cheval, and Belly Q. If art is more your scene, hit galleries like The Mars, Packer Schopf, and Kasia Kay. Then unwind at local, craft cocktail bars like The Office and The Aviary.



What You Should Know 03

Not only are residential buildings and retailers popping up all over the neighborhood, new business developments are cropping up as well, bringing even more excitement to an already buzzing community.


Google and Uber have both already moved their offices to the area, and with them have come smaller businesses and start-ups that could make Fulton River a premier residential and business community in the years to come.

What You'll Fall In Love With 05

As one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Chicago, what you’ll fall most in love with about Fulton River is what’s to come.

With a demand to supply ratio getting higher by the minute, housing and corporate developments are flocking to the neighborhood. With so much on the rise, Sterling Bay has become a lead investor in the area, building restaurants, office buildings, boutique hotels, and more amenities that are sure to make Fulton River District Chicago’ “neighborhood of the future.”