Luxury Living in a Classic Chicago Neighborhood

Nestled just north of downtown and a short walk away from the lake sits Gold Coast. As the name implies, Gold Coast is one of Chicago’s most affluent, high-end neighborhoods.

Take a short walk through one of Chicago’s most picturesque communities and you’ll find historic mansions sitting alongside brand new, hi-rise condominiums. Beautiful shopping districts sit right alongside gorgeous green space, with world-class restaurants situated amidst a fantastic nightlife. Whatever your pleasure, get ready to treat yourself in Gold Coast.

The Location

Located a short distance from the downtown Loop district, Gold Coast is a lavish location that’s bustling with shoppers, visitors, and locals looking to get out and enjoy their community.

The North/South boundary of Gold Coast runs from Oak Street to North Ave, with its East/West boundary extending from Clark Street to Lakeshore. Nearby transportation includes the Chicago Red Line, as well as plenty of bus lines running through the area.

The Neighbors 01

Gold Coast residents trend a bit older, and given the higher property prices of the area, the median household income is almost double that of the average Chicago neighborhood.

The area is less diverse than other areas of Chicago, and given all of the amenities, landmarks, restaurants, and shopping opportunities, tourists flock to Gold Coast throughout the year, making it one of the most popular places to visit in Chicago.

What You'll Find 02

Some of the best beaches along Lake Michigan are just a short walk from the Gold Coast, including Oak Street beach and its seasonal restaurant, Oak Street Food and Drink.

As one of the Chicago’s most upscale areas, you’ll find amazing, name-brand shopping opportunities in the Gold Coast, as well as fun, Chicago landmark opportunities like the John Hancock building, the Chicago Avenue Pumping Station, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

What You Should Know 03

The Gold Coast Neighbors Association produces numerous community events throughout the year, including a Halloween “Ghouly Park” event, and a spring fundraiser that keep residents engaged in the neighborhood.

Though the area hosts high numbers of visitors during the year, Gold Coast still finds ways to keep its community charm. Residents take incredible amounts of pride in their neighborhood, committing to maintain the classic mansions and landscape that have made it such a desirable place to live for decades.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Gold Coast 05

Whether it’s shopping on the Magnificent Mile, strolling along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, or simply sitting in an outdoor café and taking in the gorgeous architecture, Gold Coast offers unrivaled luxury for its residents.

As you walk through your neighborhood streets or visit the busier sections around the Chicago Red Line stop, everywhere you look in Gold Coast is another opportunity to fall in love with something new and unmatched by anything else in the city.