The Heart of the North Side

One of Chicago’s most accessible and popular residential communities (and the home turf of our own SPACES offices), Lakeview is a sprawling, affordable neighborhood with tons of little nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered.

From young professionals taking advantage of the robust bar and restaurant scene, new families living in the spacious quarters of classic Chicago homes, and Cubs fans hanging out in nearby Wrigleyville waiting for the first pitch, Lakeview has something for everyone.

The Location

Lakeview is one of the largest neighborhoods in Chicago, running East/West from Ravenswood to Lakeshore Drive, and North/South from Diversey up to Montrose.

With access to multiple transit stops on both the Red and Brown Lines, Lakeview also allows easy access from downtown all the way up to Chicago’s northern most suburb, Evanston, making it an easy neighborhood to live no matter where you work in Chicago.

The Neighbors 01

With so much to offer by way of bars, restaurants, and leisure activities—all at an affordable price—Lakeview is a popular spot for young twenty-somethings who are looking to get the most for their money.

Still, Lakeview isn’t just one thing, and neither are the people. From the LGBTQ community in Boystown, to an older, family-centric demographic living further west closer to Roscoe Village, you’re sure to find something that you love in this north side Chicago community.

What You'll Find 02

The real question in Lakeview is what won’t you find.

Because of Lakeview’s younger crowd and given its size, there’s always something to do in this electric Chicago neighborhood at all hours of the day or night. Enjoy bars in Boystown and close to the Belmont train stop, baseball in Wrigleyville, great shopping and brunch in Southport, or take in some of the amazing theater at Stage 773, Theater Wit or the Annoyance Theatre in the Belmont Theater District.

What You Should Know 03

With this crowd comes tons of street festivals, community events, and constantly evolving businesses that keep the area hip and affordable.

Because of the accessibility and all of the amenities available in Lakeview, it’s an incredibly popular place for people just moving to the city. Expect to find a group of young, recent college grads hanging out around this part of town.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Lakeview 05

Options, options, options. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Lakeview.

The busy streets give way to gorgeous residential neighborhoods with classic brownstones, and small local bars and coffee shops can be found around every corner. PLUS! Though grocery store options have often been a concern for the Lakeview community, Whole Foods recently announced a brand new, giant location at the Ashland, Belmont, and Lincoln intersection, right in the heart of this bustling community.