Fall In Love with a Northwest Jewel

Nestled right between Ravenswood and Albany Park, you’ll find Lincoln Square, one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods.

Both an homage to German and European traditions and an exciting area bustling with new and emerging businesses, Lincoln Square is a true neighborhood with everything you’ll need to call it home. So get ready to discover the beautiful homes, coffee shops, and eclectic collection of unique retailers that reside in this little north side dwelling.

The Location

Lincoln Square is situated right off of the Western Brown Line, with a North/South border from Leland to Winnemac, and an East/West border from Rockwell to Levitt.

Though this may seem a bit far away—landlocked between both the highway and the lake—it has its advantages. The Lincoln bus runs right through this neighborhood, connecting you directly with many of the areas of the northwest side that are further away by train, and the area maintains a quiet, family-friendly vibe that many other Northern neighborhoods closer to the lake and city may have lost.

The Neighbors 01

Being right next to transit, but still with the calm of an undiscovered area, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of Lincoln Square’s population are families.

Though the neighborhood, along with nearby Ravenswood, has begun to trend a bit younger, expect to find plenty of children-geared entertainment in “The Square” at all times of the year.

What You'll Find 02

Few areas in Chicago feel more like a centralized community than Lincoln Square, where street festivals and small events bring out locals and visitors alike to celebrate throughout the year.

From weekly farmers’ markets, to the delicious coffee and breakfast at Le Café and The Grind, to off-beat shopping at Enjoy, An Urban General Store and Marbles: The Brain Store, Lincoln Square is a neighborhood’s neighborhood.

What You Should Know 03

Of all the reasons to fall in love with Lincoln Square, perhaps the most endearing quality are its German celebrations twice a year—Maifest in the spring and Oktoberfest in the fall.

Set up just outside of the Western Brown Line station, both festivals include local food and imported beer for festival-goers. With plenty of entertainment, dancing, and chances to meet your neighbors, these festivals provide a great opportunity to get out and have a great time, right in your own backyard.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Lincoln Square 05

As you walk up and down Lincoln Avenue and take The Square in, you’ll be struck by how a quiet, quaint little community can exist in such a large city like Chicago.

Take a seat in Giddings Plaza, grab a beer on Gene’s one-of-a kind rooftop garden, or take in a movie at the Davis Theater, one of Chicago’s oldest movie theaters. No matter how you spend your time in Lincoln Square, you can be sure that every moment in The Square is a moment you can’t find anywhere else.