Hip, Happening, Now

Just a few stops further up on the Blue Line from Bucktown sits Logan Square, a neighborhood consistently referred to as one of Chicago’s hippest areas.

Having gone through a commercial and residential renaissance over the last decade or so, it’s safe to say that Logan Square has truly arrived for creative, cool Chicago residents with money to spend.

The Location

It’s located right next to I-90, so commuters living in Logan Square have easy access to the highway for their drives to work, and on their way to O’Hare when they opt not to take the Blue Line there directly.

Logan Square sits in the middle of an East/West boundary going from Western to Pulaski, and a North/South boundary from Bloomingdale to Diversey. It can be accessed at the California and Logan Square Blue Line stations, with Milwaukee connecting the area to neighboring Bucktown and Wicker Park.

The Neighbors 01

While not quite as young as areas like Lakeview or Bucktown, Logan Square residents have tended to be younger, educated creatives living on a budget. Still, Logan Square residents don’t simply exist as a “one-size-fits-all” community.

The age range varies more than most other Chicago neighborhoods, with a sizable percentage of both singles and married families with children. PLUS! The area boasts a great amount of diversity to make it an eclectic population from all walks of life.

What You'll Find 02

Whether you’re grabbing a beer and a burger at the Chicago favorite Revolution Brewing, or simply strolling through Logan Boulevard to gawk at the historic Chicago duplexes and houses that still stand, as gorgeous as ever, Logan Square exists perfectly between its past, present, and future.

Logan Square is a hip little neighborhood that’s been on the rise for the last decade and has recently become one of Chicago’s most sought-after communities. What began as a cheaper option for artists looking to escape the rising costs of Wicker Park is now one of the city’s jewel neighborhoods by its own merits—all while maintaining its classic identity, culture, and diversity.

What You Should Know 03

In 2005, Logan Square’s rebirth as a destination for young Chicagoans began with the founding of the Logan Square Farmers’ Market.

Today, the Farmers’ Market has grown with the community, now boasting massive amounts of local food and produce for sale weekly, with an indoor tent for the rain and winter months.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Logan Square 05

Logan Square is a socially conscious, community-first neighborhood that sweeps new residents off their feet—and they rarely look back. From its music and arts scenes to its neighborhood events to its offbeat bars and nightclubs, there’s always something to left to discover in Logan.

Craft beer nuts, foodies, fans of the outdoors, downtown commuters, and Chicago history enthusiasts can all find something to love about Logan Square. Still, with new developments and commercial investments flocking the area, what’s most exciting about this still-on-the-rise community is not just it’s present, but its future, as well.