The Culture of Community, All the Way North

Almost as far up as the Red Line will go, you’ll find Rogers Park, an exciting, multi-cultural community sitting right on the lake.

And though this community may feel a bit far away, don’t let that fool you—Rogers Park is a vibrant neighborhood with plenty of local favorites, buzzing entertainment, and amazing renovations of found and public spaces to make this a “can’t miss” Chicago neighborhood.

The Location

At the heart of the area sits Loyola University, a small liberal arts school that infuses the area with a youthful energy on a scenic campus with some of the best beach views in the city.

Rogers Park sits at the very end of the Red Line, as Chicago’s northernmost neighborhood. The boundaries run from Devon all the way up to Calvary Cemetery, and run East/West from Ridge Road to the lake.

The Neighbors 01

Rogers Park has the distinction of being the city’s most diverse neighborhoods.

Backgrounds from all around the world are represented in this community, including residents from Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Ethiopia, Korea, Italy, India, the Middle East, and more. And when it comes to age, it’s truly all over the map. Older families live alongside students from Loyola as well as people in their thirties just looking to settle down. And with a median rent right in line with the Chicago average, it’s an affordable place for people looking to live on a budget.

What You'll Find 02

There are amazing arts and entertainment opportunities, including shows at renowned storefront theaters like Lifeline Theatre and the more traditional Mayne Stage, as well as plenty galleries, arts centers, and music venues.

Much like the diversity in its people, Rogers Park also has an incredible amount of diversity in what it offers. Stop in to The Armadillo’s Pillow, an amazing local used bookstore, get your soon-to-be favorite burger at BopNGrill, or just grab a seat on Loyola Beach and listen to the waves roll in.

What You Should Know 03

You may be a bit concerned about the long distance from the downtown area, especially if you work in the loop.

However, Rogers Park residents can head to the Howard Red Line stop and hop on the “Purple Line Express” train, which will run express through most of the north side neighborhood and right into downtown—cutting the commuting time significantly.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Rogers Park 05

It should come as no surprise that with Rogers Park’s incredible amount of diversity, the neighborhood boasts some of the best ethnic food anywhere in the city.

Pop into Taste of Peru, get some amazing Indian cuisine at Luzzat, or hear some live music over great soup at Ethiopian Diamond II. If you’re looking for a culinary trip ‘round the world, look no further than this north side community.