Tree-lined Streets, Indie Cafes & Plenty of Guitars

If you are looking for a cozy and quaint neighborhood that's known for its many strollers and delicious custard, you've come to the right page.

The Location

Neighboring the well-known Lakeview and Ravenswood hot spots, Roscoe Village is smaller than most of the city's neighborhoods, but that doesn't mean its forgotten.

Located next to some of the cta Brown Line’s most convenient stops like Paulina and Addison, Roscoe Village offers residents one of a kind access to city transportation. The neighborhood also borders parts of I-90, one of Chicago’s major highways offering an easier commute than to other areas of the city.

The Neighbors 01

Known as the “Village within the city,” this area is booming with all things family-friendly. Great for young couples, big families and/or the newly retired, this quaint area is ever-changing and constantly bringing in new residents ready to cozy up in the city.

What You'll Find 02

If you ask a Roscoe native, they will probably tell you all about the local businesses that make this micro-neighborhood such a desirable place to live in. There is a coffee shop, sushi spot, dive bar and beautiful park for everyone here, showing that “chains” don’t have to be around to make people want a good time.

What You Should Know 03

Roscoe Village LOVES its patio dining! All of the cozy restaurants perk up during the warm months with a buzzing sidewalk presence attracting residents from all over the city let alone this little neighborhood.

What do most people not know? This area is only a handful of blocks wide before it morphs into another neighborhood, but it is jam packed with activities for all. So don’t blink, you might just miss it!

Why You'll Fall In Love With Roscoe Village 05

In just a handful of blocks, there is something for everyone.

The beloved saying “Village within the city” stands more true than ever when residents describe how they fell in love with Roscoe Village. It’s the classic place to be when you want to do all the amazing city activities without the hustle and bustle that comes with it. Enjoy a bowl of ramen, walk your dog to the various parks or check out the amazing music hall all right in your backyard.