Ukrainian Village

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A Neighborhood of Yesteryear, Back With Style

Business Insider recently asked, “How does a 19th century neighborhood become the hottest area in the country?”

For the answer, you need only look at Ukrainian Village, a quiet, brownstone-filled little spot located on the near west side of Chicago. While surrounded by areas that may have more name recognition, this up-and-coming area—complete with amazing local cuisine, thriving nightlife, and gorgeous architecture still within your budget—is about to arrive.

The Location

Situated just south of Wicker Park and Bucktown, Ukrainian Village is a short walk away from the Division Blue line, and forms an almost perfect square running North/South from Chicago to Division, and East/West from Western to Damen.

Since it’s a relatively small neighborhood, residents can access nearby transit and highways with ease. Plus, the large and beautiful Humboldt Park is just a short distance away, providing plenty of green space and water front recreation for visitors.

The Neighbors 01

Families can be found in this small community, but it’s mainly populated by singles without children, taking advantage of the growing nightlife in this historic area.

Ukrainian Village’s reputation as an up-and-coming area has attracted a sophisticated younger crowd. Average ages are in the low-30s, and rent is affordable in an area populated by many middle to upper middle class professionals looking to live on a budget.

What You'll Find 02

What this thriving area lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in the incredible array of amenities it offers residents at every turn.

Though this area is small, it’s jam-packed with food, entertainment, shopping, and a thriving bar scene from end to end. Grab breakfast at the Bite Café, a “farm-to-table” dinner on top Homestead’s gorgeous rooftop, or hit a classic dive like Empty Bottle. Then, get your culture on by gazing at the beautiful churches that line the streets or stop into the Ukrainian National Museum.

What You Should Know 03

Most of Ukrainian Village is landmarked, which means that new developments in the area involve gutting only the inside of the neighborhood buildings, leaving the classic façades on the outside still standing.

This isn’t a bad thing by any means, as the brick flats and workers’ cottages that were the foundation of this area provide some of the most beautiful architecture in a city known for its man-made scenery.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Ukrainian Village 05

Much like the scenic single family units that populate this west side hot spot on the rise, Ukrainian Village’s quiet exterior will give way to adventure for all those who choose to step inside.

Ukrainian Village, perhaps more than any other area in the city, will truly feel like your neighborhood. Part of this is due to its small size, sure—but what stands out most about this trendy west side neighborhood is that when you live here, all you need to do is walk out your front door to discover something new.