Where All the Cool Kids Are Going

Much like the amazing mix of restaurants that have made this community one of the hottest places for young, single professionals in the city, the West Loop’s success can be explained through its amazing recipe…

Combine one-part downtown proximity with two parts sensational nightlife. Mix that together with modern industrial architecture and add in an amazing cultural scene, and you have yourself Chicago’s West Loop.

The Location

Just beyond the river from the central Loop area, the West Loop sits along the Green and Pink Lines, with its North/South border going from Highway 290 up to Grand Avenue, and an East/West border from Ashland to the Chicago River.

Located in one Chicago’s major warehouse districts of yesteryear, the area provides excellent access to the main hub of downtown, with major developments, restaurants, and businesses running up and down Randolph Street, the neighborhood’s de-facto “main street.”

The Neighbors 01

The area’s population is mainly singles, along with a low number of families with children living in the neighborhood, as well.

As one of the city’s trendiest spots, almost half of the West Loop’s population is between the ages of 20 and 34. Plus, with an average income of over $100,000 expected to climb even higher in the coming years, West Loop residents have high levels of discretionary income to spend on the hot restaurants and nightlife in the area.

What You'll Find 02

Hit the Randolph Street Market Festival, a yearly tradition highlighting some of Chicago’s best in style and design. No matter your choice, when you’re in the West Loop, you’re sure to be hanging in style.

In the West Loop, it’s not just about what you can do, it’s about doing it all with flair. Join the SoHo House, a young professionals’ social club with delicious drinks, a rooftop restaurant, and a spot to hang out in quiet luxury. Indulge in one of Chicago’s best restaurants and bars along “restaurant row”—from Au Cheval to The Girl and the Goat to Nando’s.

What You Should Know 03

Much like the nearby Fulton River District, residential and commercial developments aren’t the only influx of activity into this rising Chicago star

Tons of Chicago businesses, large and small, are opening up their main offices in this area. From Fortune 500 companies to small startups and small businesses, this area is fast becoming one of Chicago’s premiere business districts, encouraging their young professional employees to reside in the neighborhood, as well.

Why You'll Fall In Love With West Loop 05

Maybe more than any other Chicago neighborhood, residents of this thriving young community will find that everything they could ever need is right within walking distance.

Stroll along Randolph and you’ll find chic boutiques right next to local coffee houses, just down the road from some of the finest dining in the city, across the street from an exciting new craft cocktail bar. While many Chicago neighborhoods boast an array of experiences, the West Loop centrally places them for you, giving you the best of the neighborhood all within an evening’s stroll.