Small Chicago neighborhood with a big amount of charm

The Location

Found tightly squeezed between big time neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village, this small community is full of life

The Neighbors 01

West Town provides an amazing neighborhood for those who love shopping, night life and many delicious food options, but also ball on a budget! The area is growing because of the desired real estate opportunities and the affordability that the community boasts.

What You'll Find 02

West Town is all about it’s “hidden gems” and keeping the area’s favorites around. From bakeries to cafes to dive bars and restaurants serving local fare, this neighborhood knows how to do Chicago right.

What You Should Know 03

Whether you commute by train, bike, car or simply walk to and from work, there is something for you. The CTA Blue Line stops at places like “Chicago” allowing residents to get around the city in a flash. Bikers are welcomed with paths, Divvy bike racks etc. No matter where you want to go in West Town, you will be able to, and that’s what makes it so great.

Why You'll Fall In Love With West Town 05

West Town is one of the few areas that can be diverse but united at the same time. The sense of pride for the city comes across in every aspect of life here. From unique apartments to passionate business owners, everything is done with Chicago in mind.