Amy Sumis

Leasing Consultant 773.696.5216

Homer Glen native Amy Sumis has been with Spaces as a Leasing Consultant since April 2016. She specializes in the downtown real estate market, and has worked as a veterinary assistant, a restaurant server, and a chef—earning degrees from both Indiana University and Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. Amy loves the real estate business because it’s never boring, and every day affords her a new challenge to conquer.

Amy loves visiting Montrose Beach with her dog, and is the proud champion of her hometown’s chili cook-off contest.

Why people take multiple plates at once at a food gathering or buffet! It just gets cold and wasted. One plate at a time, people!

My Top 3: Joe Manganiello, Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson and Gordon Ramsay

Seattle or Nice, France

“I had the pleasure of working with Amy at Spaces who set up several places to show me that met my criteria. The hardest part of the whole thing was deciding which of the places she showed us to choose.”

“I had a great experience Amy helped me find my apartment last minute but still meeting all of my requirements and she was very responsive I appreciated her help!”

Jordan Facebook

“My partner and I randomly came across Spaces on our DESPERATE search for an apartment last minute. Amy contacted us immediately. She was so sweet and went above and beyond to find us the perfect home (mind you we had 2 weeks to find a new apartment!). She showed one apartment that was literally just being finished remodeled. It was a dream come true. I don't know how many strings she had to pull to get us in there within the week but she did it!! I have never had a realitor be so helpful and so knowledgeable about the area of our new home. I would highly recommend using Spaces and using Amy to help you locate your new home.”

Briana Google

“Amy was great, she shows you a great variety of apartments and will even drive you if you didn't come with a car. Then she takes you to the office and gives you all the information you need to apply.”

Quentin Facebook