Colin Shively

Data Entry Specialist 312.967.1479

From just a few states away in Cincinnati, Ohio and a graduate of Columbia College, Colin Shivley has been with Spaces since March 2016. Apart from the occasional donuts and pizza, Colin’s favorite part of working at Spaces is the feeling of watching a client get the apartment they’ve been dreaming about—it’s amazing to be a part of that. Colin is a big time Trekkie, and in his spare time he loves kicking back in his slippers and reading alongside his two cats.

Americanos...(watered down espresso makes no sense!)

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Honestly, I do not know...Real Estate opens numerous doors that I would be pursuing regardless.

“Great people, great experience, I would definitely recommend Spaces for your apartment search!”

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“In the end, the decision was easy and stress free thanks to this company. Would highly recommend!”

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